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New Wilson Strings

Wilson Luxilon Savage Lime String Wilson NXT Control String Wilson NXT Tour 15 String Wilson Hollow Core Pro 16 String
Luxilon Savage Lime – Six Sided for extreme spin NXT Control – Internal hybrid, made with polyester inside and polyurethane outside NXT Tour - High performance gut like playability Hollow Core Pro - Multifilament synthetic gut

Which String is right for YOU?

Harder Hitters/String Breakers – Players that use heavy topspin should be using durable string. Polyester string is best for the snap back pop that players want for that extra spin. Personally this hurts my arm, and I won’t use it. I really believe the best is the hybrid with poly and soft synthetic like Luxilon & NXT. There are softer poly’s that come in 17g. Average life is 15 hrs.

Medium Hitters – These players want the best string available that does not break too fast. I suggest 16g string with hybrid poly/synthetic like above, or good synthetics like Wilson NXT Tour or Gamma Professional. Both of these strings are soft, but with the 16g string should last 8-10 hrs. If you don’t break strings often, try Natural gut once. That’s all it takes to be hooked, (cost $55 average).

Slower Hitters/Recreational – These players DON’T break strings. Play with the best possible string out there, Natural Gut. The other option is a 17g or 18g (thinner) string in a soft synthetic, like Wilson NXT, Technifibre NRG, Gamma TNT, or Babolat Addiction. Average life should be 3 months. Need to restring racquet at least 4 times per year.

All racquets are strung by Josh Bates, Master Racquet Technician, and certified by the USRSA. Completion based on the urgency of the client and availability of the stringer. All types of string available. Wilson and Gamma strings are recommended.

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