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Josh Bates
Phone: 602-826-9048
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Jim Bates
Phone: 847-404-4566

“I cannot say enough about what it means that Josh continues to find ways to contribute to the players he works with. He brings me out periodically because he believes that you can continue to improve and is one of the rare pros who make it happen. I have not yet met a pro as dedicated, professional and knowledgeable” – Jeff Greenwald, M.F.T., Author of Fearless Tennis & Best Tennis of Your Life

“Josh Bates is a true tennis professional. He is passionate about everything he touches in the tennis industry! I would highly recommend Josh and his services to anyone looking to improve their performance.” - Steve Keller, PTR – Director of Development

“I admire your continuing efforts to create and maintain momentum with tournaments and tennis in general. With the exception of you, no one is promoting the game beyond their personal needs for lesson and clinics.” – Dale Phillips, President Mark Taylor Residential